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Tire Care Tips: Preventing Flat Tires and Ensuring Road Safety

Tire Care

Many accidents occur on the roadways. According to the news report, 11,000 accidents are happening on the roadways due to tires. Whether it is the extreme cold weather and extremely hot seasons to blame but it is your responsibility to keep tires in good condition. Just by taking simple safety measures, one can prevent major accidents on the roads. You can make driving safe and save a life. Oncall is known as the best company for Tyre Repair Dubai. They help you with proper maintenance, even if you get stuck on the roads they are quick to assist


Tire Care Tips 101:


1.     Taking care of your tire becomes easy
2.     How to prevent flat tires?
3.     Why take precautions to ensure road safety?


Taking care of your tire becomes easy


  • When the wheels are out of balance, they can become shaky and cause trembling while driving. Having a trained technician to balance your wheels is a must for safe driving.
  • To ensure steering control the wheel’s alignment should be checked at least once a year.
  • Make sure to check the spare tire now and then.
  • In case of a tire puncture, string or fabric plugs are never to be used to plug.
  • If you drive for longer miles then checking air pressure monthly becomes crucial.
  • One of the important parts of taking care of a tire is the tire’s rotation. A professional technician is best to check your tire’s wear and tear.

How to prevent flat tires?

1. Proper Air Pressure.

When you have proper air pressure on the tires, you avoid facing flat tires. And it is the last thing you would want while you are driving. Checking the air pressure regularly with the pressure gauge to ensure it matches the recommended level by the manufacturer is an important part.

2. Inspection of tires regularly.

Preventing discomfort from happening is an integral part of safe driving. To avoid the discomfort you must inspect the tire regularly. Not every day but a monthly check by an expert will allow you to know the wear and tear of tires.

3. Tire rotation.

The vehicles have four tires on each side – front, back, right, and left. Rotating your tires often leads to long-lasting and prevents damages from occurring. As it helps to distribute the wear more evenly among all four tires. It also eliminates the risk of developing a tear on the tires and results in a longer lifespan.

4. Not to overload the vehicle.

By applying excessive weight to the vehicles, they have a higher chance to become overloaded. When the vehicle is overloaded it puts a lot of stress and pressure on the tire resulting in blowout or flat tires. Avoid putting excessive weights on the vehicles by checking your vehicle’s off-limits.

5. Considering tire sealants.

To prevent air loss and small punctures consider using tire sealants which provide additional protection to the tire failure. For better results, consult with an expert to determine what kind of sealants will be best suited for your tire type.

6. Regular maintenance.

To avoid expensive costs from any of your car hazards. It is important to repair and check once in a while. And this is called regular car maintenance. When your vehicle is properly maintained it is less likely to suffer from mishaps. Always try to follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule which includes tire rotation, alignments, and balancing. And this way you are sure to avoid any issues.

7. Drive responsibly.

Maintain the safety of yourself and the vehicle. You can become a responsible citizen by driving safely. Avoid aggressive driving such as sudden brakes, rapid acceleration, and taking sharp turns. All of these actions can put larger stress on the tire to puncture or even blow out.

8. Always use quality tires.

Investing in stronger and quality tires will give a good return on investment. As the tire is going to last you for a longer period. Plus, quality tires are more resistant to punctures and provide better overall performance.

9. Avoid road hazards.

Driving consciously is keeping you and your vehicles safe and at the same time for pedestrians. Become mindful of the road conditions and avoid potholes, curbs, and other obstacles that can damage tires. Keep slow driving for navigating better.


Why take precautions to ensure road safety?

Every country has different rules and regulations to follow for safer driving on the roads. It is one’s responsibility to pay attention as it prevents road accidents from occurring.

When you are driving safely it is for you, your car, and the pedestrians. There are two types of transportation: personal and public. Personal are all the car owners and public transport includes buses on the roadway. Maintenance is very crucial For both types of transport. Public transportation is regularly checked by government bodies. But personal vehicle checking is solely an individual’s responsibility.

It is always a wiser choice to avoid any road mishaps. So make sure to not miss any appointments for car maintenance. Becoming aware and focusing on safer driving, will lead to positive well-being.

Driving Tips to maintain safety on the road:

  • Ensure to keep a safe distance from the car in front.
  • Never cross the limited street.
  • Avoid speed driving on busy roads.
  • Do Not consume alcohol while driving.
  • Always maintain a car’s good condition.
  • Avoid any distractions.
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