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Car Garage

Car Service Dubai

Leading Car Garage In Dubai

You can’t imagine traveling around the world without your car. It’s more than a vehicle, it’s your companion. You are taken to new places, new experiences, and you explore everything that the planet has to offer. Based on what our community needs, we’ve customized our car repair garage services.

The skilled, knowledgeable, and accommodating auto repair professionals at Oncall Roadside Assistance are ready to assist you if your car is ready for service or repairs but you are dreading the experience. In addition to providing you with excellent car garage dubai service, we strive to be your partner in all future car repair services near me.

Among the luxury car brands we deal with in Dubai are Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Mini Cooper & Porsche. All your car-related problems can always be resolved in Dubai by our experienced & trained mechanics. When it comes to car repairs and services in Dubai, we’re your go-to garage.

In order to meet the specific needs of the customers, we provide very specialized car service and repair services in our best car garage in Dubai. Among the leading luxury car repair centers in Dubai, we provide high-quality maintenance and repair services. As a quality service provider, we provide car engine repair, vehicle diagnostics, mechanical repairs, suspension repairs, air conditioning and paint services in Dubai.

Oncall Car Garage Near Me

If you are looking for an emergency garage services, give our experts a call. We give 360 car services and repairs at our car workshopping Dubai

At Oncall, we deliver excellence in every type of service such as for the Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, mini cooper, and much more. For all your car-related problems, we are here to provide you with the best service possible. Even if you happen to get stuck in the middle of the road for fuel shortage. We are still there to deliver the fuel on time. 

Our in-house experts are there to guarantee the excellent results. Also, we do all of your work promptly. Your invested time and money are never wasted when you have OnCall at your service.


Our Services Offered:

  1. Car Battery

    Revitalize your ride with our expert car battery services. From quick diagnostics to on-the-spot replacements, we’ve got your journey covered. Trust us to keep you on the road with reliable and efficient battery solutions.

  2. Car Wash

    From meticulous exterior detailing to interior rejuvenation, we’re dedicated to bringing back that showroom shine. Treat your car to the pampering it deserves and hit the road in style.

  3. Car Service

    Optimize your ride with our premium car servicing. From routine maintenance to specialized repairs, our expert technicians ensure your vehicle operates at its peak performance. Trust us for a smoother, safer journey on the road ahead.

  4. Oil Change & AC Works

    Elevate your vehicle’s performance with our top-notch oil change services, ensuring a smooth and efficient engine. Beat the heat with our expert AC works, providing a cool and comfortable driving experience. Trust us for meticulous care, keeping your car in peak condition all year round.

  5. Emergency Fuel Delivery

    Our emergency fuel delivery service ensures you’re back on the road swiftly. Fast, reliable, and available 24/7 for those unexpected moments. Your journey is our top priority.

  6. Towing

    Our expert team is here to provide swift and efficient towing solutions for vehicles of all sizes. Count on us for a stress-free towing experience, available 24/7.

  7. Car Maintainance

    From oil changes to tire rotations, our expert technicians prioritize your vehicle’s well-being. Experience smooth drives and peace of mind – because your journey deserves the best care.

  8. Tyre Change

    Experience a smoother ride with our swift and professional tire change service. From flats to upgrades, we have got your wheels covered. Drive confidently with our expert team at your service.

How Oncall Delivers Service With Excellence?

  • You can directly call or fill in the form on our website to book an appointment for your car for any services you need.
  • Even if you require car collection which means to pick up your vehicle from any designated place, we do it for you.
  • We examine your vehicle carefully to find out the major or minor issues and carefully perform repairs and even replacements if necessary.
  • Our experts are here to deliver you the services with expertise.
  • We guarantee you the highest quality of services only.
  • Also, our experts are there to guide you 24/7 for emergency services.

The Process;

A rapid booking process and easy using interface make Oncall Roadside Assistance easy to use. It takes under five minutes to book one of our services. Our service is explained in detail below:

  • Service Booking

We have an app and a website for you to choose the service that you want. Make sure all the necessary information is filled in and a time slot is selected for collection.

  • Car Collection

You can choose the time and place for our designated truck driver to pick up your vehicle to our car service centre in Dubai.

  • An Overview

A complete health report is provided by our technicians after the examination of your vehicle. A report containing any issues found will be sent to you shortly. Your report will be accompanied by a quote for additional repairs and parts.

  •  Experts On Duty

Following your approval, we will get to work on your auto service project. A final quality check will be conducted on your vehicle after the service is complete and any additional repairs have been made. 

  • Handover

During the handover process, one of our designated drivers will come to your chosen location and hand over the vehicle to you. We appreciate your feedback, so please sign off on the service and leave a review.

To get a quote for your car service and repair in Dubai, call us on our toll-free number: 8002477

Car Garage is an important part for all vehicle owners. Even if you require a minor repair or major replacement we are there for all your requirements. We only provide quality services and even the car parts we keep are of high quality which guarantees longer-lasting results. 

Also, we have skilled professionals who can provide you with excellent services. To experience the best of car services, give us a call. One of our experts will assist you with all your vehicle work. Get started today by simply contacting us!