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Car Battery

Car Battery Dubai

Car Battery Dubai

Got stuck with a dead battery in your car? You Don’t worry, Oncall provides you an onsite car battery jumpstarts or replacement services. If you are buying a battery from us we will be providing you with an onsite warranty for the battery as well. Delivery and installation will be also carried out by us.

Book through a call on our toll free number or through our app and get a emergency services at your doorstep in 20-30 mins by a trained and experienced professional


Dubai’s Best Car Battery Supplier


Oncall Roadside Assistance is one of the leading independent mobile car battery suppliers in the Dubai. With our affiliations with car battery manufacturers such as ACDELCO, Platinum, SBK, Energizer, VARTA, and AMRON, we are able to offer the best car battery brands to our customers with competitively priced car batteries in Dubai. With our car mobile services across dubai, we are just a call away 30 minutes after you call, our car battery specialists will arrive at your location.

We do more than just fix battery problems in Dubai, unlike other battery suppliers. Providing our customers with car battery installation, tire changes, and fuel delivery is just one of our emergency services backed by a team of automotive professionals.

Additionally, we will install the battery for your vehicle on the spot after we find the right one for your car. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about your requirements, we’re happy to assist you and will be glad to give you their expert advice. Get more information about our products and services by calling 800-2477.

It is not a good idea to wait until your car breaks down before upgrading its battery. We can be reached at our toll-free number.



If you are having trouble getting your car started in dubai, we can help. It is our goal to provide you with the best battery service dubai as quickly as possible. With just a call, we’ll provide you with a jump-start service or car battery replacement in Dubai, wherever you may be stranded. Oncall Roadside Assistance is the best car service company and is very well known for its mobile services for car battery dubai.

We offer a full range of mobile services for car batteries and vehicles.

  • Battery Change Emergency

Get roadside assistance from Oncall Roadside Assistance if your vehicle breaks down on the highway. We have automotive professionals on call 24/7 in Dubai.

  • Delivery Of Emergency Fuel

It’s midnight and you can’t find a petrol station anywhere near you. Having trouble running your vehicle? No need to panic, our team will deliver fuel to your location and help you get back on road.

When a car battery dies, it does not necessarily need to be replaced. You can achieve a lot with a little jump start. Check your battery with a jump start before you buy a new one.

  • Towing Service

There is no predicting when a breakdown will occur, and you may not be prepared. Your vehicle will be safely recovered from any location within Dubai with our emergency recovery service.

  • Emergency Tyre Installation

Whenever you need a new tire or flat tire, Oncall roadside assistance is available 24/7.

Provide a mobile new tire change or flat tire assistance service with the new Tyre or change it with a spare one to get back to you on the road ASAP.

Why Oncall Roadside Assistance Best?

We are available 24/7

In Dubai, there are many suppliers of car batteries. In most cases, they are only open during normal business hours. Among roadside assistance companies, Oncall Roadside Assistance stands out for its 24/7 availability

Reliable & Fast Service

Our automotive professionals team will ensure that your vehicle issues are resolved quickly without sacrificing quality

Battery Boosting Services in Dubai

Guarantee of Service

Our products and services are covered by a generous warranty. Refunds and replacements are available to our customers if necessary

Product Authenticity

All products we sell are genuine. We source all of our products from reputable suppliers, directly from the manufacturer.


It is not a luxury to own a reliable vehicle. Because of this, we provide the most affordable prices on branded car batteries


Is There A Typical Battery Life For A Car?

When used properly, brand-new batteries should last up to five years. There are a number of variables that affect this estimate. Depending on how well a battery is maintained, some batteries may last longer, while others may need to be replaced much sooner.

What Is The Average Battery Life?

Batteries respond differently depending on their condition. Battery strength and temperature play an important role in how long a battery will hold a charge. A standard battery may not supply current even when cranking once in extreme cold.  Some cranks are possible, especially in a hot climate. There is another possibility, your battery might be healthy but discharged from an accessory left on.

Without Charging, How Long Does A Battery Last?

A good auto battery will last at least two weeks if it is only used occasionally, without needing to be charged by starting up the car and driving. Battery charging is required if the battery has not been charged for more than two weeks. The average battery lifespan of these batteries is only three years.

Can A Car Battery Be Replaced When Needed?

In the event that your vehicle’s battery dies, you may become stranded on the road without assistance. Batteries that fail unexpectedly aren’t something you want to deal with. The battery in your car needs to be changed regularly for this reason. Battery health and battery failure can be prevented by replacing the battery every three to five years.

Is Battery Maintenance Necessary?

The acid level of batteries no longer needs to be maintained with water. The charger does, however, need to be maintained. A discharged car battery starts to degrade after a long period of time, so it is not recommended to leave it discharged for a long period of time. In contrast, regular charging is a lifesaver for batteries and keeps them in good working condition for a prolonged period of time.