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Computerized Diagnostic

Car Computer Diagnosis

 Car Computerized Diagnostic

After 1996 most of the vehicles were required to have On-Board Diagnostics or OBD. It means, vehicle have been manufactured to self-diagnose and have the capability to report. This technology allows the vehicles to alert the drivers via malfunction indicator lights on the dashboard but won’t have the capacity to exactly tell you what the real problem is. This is where digital communication ports come in handy with the standard diagnostic trouble codes or DTC.

Oncall is the solution for all your Car Computer Diagnosis. We have the perfect solution to handle all your car servicing. Whether you need a computer diagnosis for the car, our experts are there to deliver the best service to you.

With this built-in Car computer diagnostic technology on vehicles, a computerized tool is required when diagnosing & troubleshooting.

You are getting nothing but the best with Oncall. This is the right place for all your Car Computer Diagnosis in Dubai.

car computer diagnosis

What are the most common concerns where you will need a comprehensive computer diagnosis?

  1. Engine light is on or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)
  2. ABS light is on
  3.  Restraints light is on
  4.  ABS light is on
  5. Battery malfunction light is on
  6.  Tyre pressure light is on
  7. Brake pad light is on
  8. Temperature light is on

If you are facing these type of issues let us know, our certified technician and with the help of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allow us to quickly and accurately identify and repair any issue related to your vehicle’s on-board computer systems.

Benefits of Car Computerized Diagnosis Services in Dubai:

  1. Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities: Oncall Car computerized diagnosis services utilize advanced diagnostic tools and software to perform in-depth scans of the vehicle’s systems. This allows for accurate identification of faults and provides detailed information about the specific issues affecting the vehicle.
  2. Efficient Troubleshooting: With a computerized diagnosis, technicians can quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems, reducing the time required for troubleshooting. This efficiency translates into faster repairs and minimized vehicle downtime.
  3. Cost Savings: By accurately identifying issues, car computerized diagnosis services help prevent unnecessary part replacements and guesswork. This leads to cost savings for vehicle owners as they only need to address the specific problems identified during the diagnostic process.
  4. Expertise and Knowledge: The Oncall roadside assistance Dubai technicians performing car computerized diagnosis services are well-trained and experienced in handling diagnostic equipment and interpreting diagnostic data. Their expertise ensures accurate diagnoses and effective resolution of vehicle issues.
  5. Preventative Maintenance: Car computerized diagnosis services not only identify existing problems but can also detect potential issues before they escalate. This allows vehicle owners to take proactive measures, addressing minor problems before they cause significant damage and expensive repairs.

Oncall roadside assistance car computerized diagnosis services offer a reliable and efficient way to diagnose and resolve vehicle issues.

At Oncall, we always use advanced technology to diagnose your vehicle. This means we give professional service for all your vehicle works. We have a team who are professional and have years of experience in diagnosing the vehicle.Our mission is to provide faster, reliable, and professional service to our customers.  

We believe in customer satisfaction and this leads to longer-term relationships. If you have trouble with your vehicle then Oncall is your perfect solution. We offer a wide variety of services but our experts also deal with Car Computer Diagnosis. This helps build your vehicle that will give excellent results over time. This is not all because we also offer you Roadside Assistance Dubai. Get in touch with us today & let’s get started!

When Should You Opt For Computerized Diagnosis?

  • Efficient Troubleshooting
  • Quick Identification of Problems
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Safety Enhancement
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Cost Savings
  • Remote Diagnostics

What is car computerized diagnosis?

Car computerized diagnosis, also known as onboard diagnostics (OBD), is a system that uses specialized equipment and software to communicate with a vehicle’s onboard computer system. It retrieves diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and analyzes various parameters and sensor data to identify issues with the vehicle’s engine and other crucial components.

Why is car computerized diagnosis important?

Car computerized diagnosis is important because it provides accurate and detailed information about the specific problems affecting a vehicle. It enables technicians to quickly pinpoint the root cause of issues, leading to efficient and targeted repairs. It also helps prevent unnecessary part replacements, reduces vehicle downtime, and saves costs for vehicle owners.

How does car computerized diagnosis work?

Car computerized diagnosis works by connecting diagnostic equipment to the vehicle’s onboard computer system. The equipment communicates with the system, retrieves diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), and analyzes sensor data and parameters. Technicians interpret the information to identify issues and determine the appropriate course of action for repairs

What can car computerized diagnosis detect?

Car computerized diagnosis can detect a wide range of issues, including engine malfunctions, emissions problems, sensor failures, transmission issues, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) problems, airbag faults, and more. It provides detailed information about specific faults and helps technicians accurately diagnose the root cause of problems.

Do I need car computerized diagnosis if my vehicle doesn't have any noticeable issues?

Yes, even if your vehicle doesn’t have any noticeable issues, periodic car computerized diagnosis is still beneficial. It can detect potential problems before they escalate, allowing for preventive maintenance and avoiding major breakdowns in the future. Regular diagnostic scans can help identify minor issues early, saving costs and ensuring optimal vehicle performance.

Who can perform car computerized diagnosis?

Car computerized diagnosis is typically performed by skilled technicians who have the necessary training and expertise in using diagnostic equipment and interpreting diagnostic data. Authorized dealerships, independent automotive workshops, and specialized diagnostic centers often provide car computerized diagnosis services.


How long does car computerized diagnosis take?

The time required for car computerized diagnosis can vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the diagnostic process involved. In most cases, the diagnostic scan itself is relatively quick, typically taking a few minutes. However, additional time may be required for data analysis, interpretation, and identifying the appropriate repairs or actions


Can car computerized diagnosis prevent breakdowns?

: Car computerized diagnosis can help prevent breakdowns by detecting potential issues before they lead to major failures. Regular diagnostic scans can identify emerging problems, allowing for proactive maintenance and repairs. By addressing these issues early on, the risk of sudden breakdowns and costly repairs can be significantly reduced


Is car computerized diagnosis compatible with all vehicles?

Car computerized diagnosis is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including most modern cars equipped with an onboard computer system. However, the specific diagnostic tools and software used may vary depending on the vehicle make, model, and year. It’s important to ensure that the diagnostic equipment being used is compatible with your particular vehicle.