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Computerized Diagnostic

Car Computer Diagnosis

 Car Computerized Diagnostic

After 1996 most of the vehicles were required to have On-Board Diagnostics or OBD. It means, vehicle have been manufactured to self-diagnose and have the capability to report. This technology allows the vehicles to alert the drivers via malfunction indicator lights on the dashboard but won’t have the capacity to exactly tell you what the real problem is. This is where digital communication ports come handy with the standard diagnostic trouble codes or DTC.

With this built-in diagnostic technology on vehicles, a computerized tool is required when diagnosing & trouble shooting.

Car Computer Diagnosis
car computer diagnosis

What are the most common concerns where you will need a comprehensive computer diagnosis?

  1. Engine light is on or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)
  2. ABS light is on
  3.  Restraints light is on
  4.  ABS light is on
  5. Battery malfunction light is on
  6.  Tyre pressure light is on
  7. Brake pad light is on
  8. Temperature light is on

If you are facing these type of issues let us know, our certified technician and with the help of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allow us to quickly and accurately identify and repair any issue related to your vehicle’s on-board computer systems.

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