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The Ultimate Guide To Car Batteries :Types, Maintenance and Replacement

Car Battery Dubai

The Ultimate Guide To Car Batteries:Types, Maintenance and Replacement

Car batteries are the heroes of our vehicles as they help to start the engine. And if there is any harm in the battery, the car is more likely to be damaged over time. The car’s battery is the silent power slowly fueling everything from the engine to the air conditioning. We rarely give them a second thought until our car won’t start. Understanding the different types, how to maintain them, and when to replace them is essential for every car owner. Oncall is the best service provider for car servicing Dubai. If you happen to be looking for one of the best car servicing Dubai then Oncall is your call. In This blog, we will dive into the types of car batteries and why you should maintain them and even replace them.

Car Servicing Dubai
          Types of Car Batteries


 1. Lead-Acid Batteries 

Lead-acid batteries are the most common type known for their reliability and affordability. They come in two varieties, flooded (wet cell) and sealed (maintenance-free). They are great for a wide range of vehicles but all it requires is periodic maintenance.


2. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries

AGM batteries are maintenance-free and are known for their high-performance capabilities. They are often used in modern vehicles with advanced electrical systems.


 3. Gel Cell Batteries

Gel cell batteries are similar to AGM batteries but use a gel-like electrolyte. They are known for their deep-cycling capabilities and can be used in specialty vehicles.


 4. Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have properties of being lightweight and also have a long lifespan. They are commonly found in electric and hybrid vehicles due to their energy density.

Why Maintain Car Batteries?

Maintaining the car batteries is vital for various other reasons. First, it ensures that your vehicle starts reliably. Car battery Dubai provide the electrical power needed to turn the engine over and without proper maintenance, your car is most likely to break down. If not taken properly care of the car batteries, can weaken and also fail to deliver the necessary power resulting in starting issues.

With regular maintenance of the battery, your car is more likely to clean the terminals and ensure proper connections, extend the life of the battery, and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

To maintain car batteries you must take help of the professional technicians who can guide you on proper maintenance and diagnosis. A well-maintained battery ensures that all electrical components from the headlights to the air conditioning function as they should. If you happen to neglect battery care, it can lead to voltage irregularities also which may cause these components to operate inefficiently or fail prematurely.

When to Replace Your Car Battery?

There are various reasons why you should replace your car’s battery. The most prominent reason is due to the severe damage to the battery. If you notice your car’s battery is getting old and you have not replaced it in recent years. You will see the noticeable changes, which means your car is ready to change its battery. 

Replacing a battery before it fails is a form of preventive maintenance. By doing so, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly towing expenses. Regular battery replacement helps ensure your vehicle remains dependable and ready to start whenever you need it. You should get help from a professional to replace your car’s battery. They are able to guide you well as there are various types of batteries you can choose from. Also depending on the car you have, they are there to choose the best ones for you.


There are a few noticeable changes in which you can replace your car battery:

  • When your car doesn’t start when it’s used.
  • You frequently have to jump-start the car.
  • A slow engine is also another sign.
  • You have a foul smell on the battery.
  • When you see your battery is bulging.

Replacing car batteries is essential for maintaining vehicle reliability, and preventing the inconvenience, potential dangers, and costs associated with sudden breakdowns. You can ensure your vehicle starts reliably and operates smoothly, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. To conduct a proper replacement for the battery of your vehicle you will require an expert. The professionals have the right equipment and quality products to help you with all the battery replacements to take care of your car with precision. Oncall is your call for all your vehicle’s maintenance. We have trained specialists who have the best interest in handling your car.

For The Ultimate Car Battery Guide Trust Oncall

Your battery is the ride or die for your vehicle and you must keep it checked all the time. With the proper maintenance for your car, the battery is more likely to last long for an extended period of time. All you need is the hands of the experts who can guide you on taking proper care of your vehicle’s battery. When you have experts by your side, you need not worry about your car wearing off over time. The professionals are more knowledgeable about how to handle the car with optimum precision and care.

A car’s battery is essential for maintaining vehicle reliability and preventing the inconvenience, potential dangers, and costs associated with sudden breakdowns. When you adhere to recommended replacement intervals and also respond to the signs of deterioration, you can ensure your vehicle starts reliably and also operates smoothly contributing to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Oncall is at your service for all your battery requirements. Choose us today to avoid any future inconvenience for your vehicle.

Oncall is the best place where your car is treated the very best with precision. Whether you need help in choosing the right battery, battery maintenance, or replacing battery for your vehicle. We are there for all your needs as Oncall is where you get the best for roadside assistance Dubai or even car battery Dubai. At Oncall we even have roadside assistance, if you happen to experience your car getting stuck in the middle of the road we are there to find and help you out. Give us a call today, if you need help with any kind of car service. Contact us today & get started.

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